Master your body,
master your life

Achieve your best self with elite personal training at The
Compound, where each workout is a step towards a healthier,
stronger, and more empowered you.

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Exceptional Privacy


Unmatched Facilities


Tailored Fitness Plans


Beyond a gym.
This is your compound.

At The Compound, we liberate you from generic workouts and uninspiring gym
environments. Nestled in the heart of Woodland Hills, our gym facilities cater to a
discerning clientele — ranging from elite athletes to celebrities who require
exceptional fitness training at the utmost discretion.

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Harness lasting change in a bespoke fitness environment

Discover your ultimate self at The Compound. Led by Master Trainer Paul Wassily, our Woodland Hills sanctuary is more than a gym—it's a platform for personal transformation. We cater to an exclusive clientele, offering tailor-made fitness plans that go beyond the physical.

Uncover the strength, resilience, and well-being you never knew you had, all within a space that stands apart in luxury, privacy, and quality.

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Enquire about renting our luxurious gym and personal training facilities nestled in the heart of Woodland Hills, CA.

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Real transformation, real results

Our clients' incredible transformations stand as testimony to the power of personalized fitness at The Compound.

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Lifelong transformation, in your hands

Become the healthiest version of yourself in a gym that’s more than a gym — it's your sanctuary for wellness that lasts a lifetime.

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Receive a tailor-made fitness plan, crafted to suit your unique physical and medical landscape



Step into The Compound and start your journey, supported by our exceptional fitness team at every turn

Real transformation, real results

Peer into the lives profoundly changed at The Compound.


The Compound is a top-notch private gym with excellent equipment and superb cleanliness.

The gym is never crowded as numbers are managed - I can focus on my workout without having to worry about equipment being in use. Will and Paul genuinely care for their clients' success and constantly go the extra mile to deliver results. Parking can occasionally be tight at peak times but is generally not…

Alex B.
Los Angeles, CA


I started my journey to lose weight get healthy with Paul at the Compound on 09/26/22. Since then I have dropped 47 pounds, got off all meds (blood pressure) and feel great!

I moved from the OC and found the Compound through a friend after looking for a gym that would fit my needs and the Compound was way more than I expected. Paul and his trainers made me feel welcome along with all the folks at the Compound that I have met so far. The gym…

Paul G.
Orange CA


I’ve been training here for 12 weeks with Paul, the owner. I have been to every gym in LA it feels like and had different trainers at most of them. Paul, and The Compound, feels like the intersection of perfection.

He's kind, attentive, on time, and most of all, he's invested in you feeling your best. He doesn't phone it in. I train at the compound four times a week, and I have yet to see him have an off day. The gym is clean, pretty quiet, and organized. The other trainers there are friendly…

Alejandro B.
Los Angeles, CA

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Tailored personal training, timeless results

When it comes to your health, compromise isn't in our vocabulary. Our all-
encompassing personal training, nutrition, and gym facilities are thoughtfully
curated to sculpt you into your finest self – body, mind, and soul.


Exclusive Personal Training

Achieve wellness with our personalized training sessions, which include empowering life coaching for enduring success.

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Private Gym Memberships

Access discreet gym facilities in Woodland Hills, meticulously designed for cleanliness, performance, and user experience

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Personalized Nutrition

Nourish your way to a better you with personalized meal plans that fuel both body and soul, steering you toward a healthier lifestyle.

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The elite choice for lifelong wellness

When it comes to your health
and fitness, why settle for
anything less than the best?

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Your Fitness Oasis

Discretion is not optional; it's a promise. We offer a private gym setting to focus on your goals with zero distractions.


The Whole You, Elevated

Our comprehensive approach combines diet, life coaching, and physical exercise to cultivate a balanced, fulfilling life.


Inspiring Environment

From the warm greetings to the communal spirit, every aspect of our space is designed to elevate your fitness experience.


Lifelong Transformations

Rooted in scientifically-proven methods, our training protocols are designed for lasting change.

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