Why Drinking Water is Important

Drinking the right amount of water promotes your overall health, from skin, bones and joints to your digestive system, memory and brain function. Proper hydration can also help when you’re concerned about weight. Being fatigue is one of the first signs of mild dehydration. A lot of people think that sluggish feeling you get at times means your body needs food, and they end up over doing it to get that boost back in their energy. Its been confirmed that clients who train out of The Compound Gym drink two 8-oz. glasses of water before their three daily meals lose about 5 lbs. more than dieters who do not drink pre-meal water. Different bodies need different amounts of water. A good guideline is to divide your weight in half and drink that number of ounces per day. For example a person weighing 180 lbs would aim for 90 oz of water daily.

-Fitness By Paul

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